In the fall, we will be performing Student Directed​ One Acts, giving actors multiple opportunities to perform!​


​1) Sign up for a time outside of 4001

2) locate a monologue to perform

3) Rehearse it so you are almost memorized

4) Show up for your time slot early.

5) Audition!

​​A monologue is a speech spoken alone. You should choose something that is your age, and that is understandable to you.

Google male or female monologues for some ideas.

If you do not bring a monologue, you can show up early and pick up a "side" which is a monologue that you haven't rehearsed.

Come early enough to look it over and prepare. Even if you aren't memorized, still do your best!

The best way to be prepared for an audition is to memorize your lines. This is the hardest part about theatre. 

Feel free to have your script nearby, but if you want a lead, you should be memorized. 

Try repetitive memorization, like learning a song,  or writing down the monologues multiple times. 

Once you are cast in the show, we have rehearsals to learn the blocking and lines.


Rehearsal is like a just like a sports and needs to be treated like a team event. 

If you can not make it, you should tell us in advanced. 

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What is a Monologue?
What is a Side?
How to Audition

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